My name means to wander and I decided in 2014 to begin living up to my name. I purchased a Roadtrek on my birthday in 2014 and departed on a 5 month snowbird trip. My goal was to avoid the winter season in Oregon and to test out what it would be like to travel full-time. I learned a lot those 5 months, although I wasn't bitten by the travel bug. I returned to Oregon the 1st of March undecided on whether I would pursue traveling any further. I took another trip in June 2015, and spent time on the Pacific Coast. I was completely and totally bitten by the travel bug on that trip. All the things I had learned when I was snowbirding was put into practice during my summer travels and I found that I wanted to do more. 

I am also a full-time internationally collected artist. My career in art was a catalyst for developing a program called Art2Business. Denise Baxter, Executive Director of the Ashland Art Center and I cofounded the program and launched it nationally June, 2014. As National Program Director for A2B, I have been working to expand the program and am proud to say that we have established it in California and Arizona as well. This is another really good reason for me to be on the road. 

Some of my other passions include:
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