Boondocking:  To park overnight for free or for several days without any services (no water, electricity, etc.) The area must not be marked No Overnight Parking. California allows a person to park for 8 hours and in Oregon they allow 12 hours before you have to move. BLM and the Forest Service also have designated areas where it is ok to boondock. They usually have a 2 week time period that you can park for. WalMart, Cabelas, Cracker Barrel and Camping World are some of the businesses that allow parking overnight. When parking at a business, remember this is just parking though and not camping. 

Dry Dock:  Is the same as boondocking above, except sometimes campgrounds, RV parks, etc. have designated areas where you can dry dock for a fee (e.g. parking lots, casinos etc)  

Stealth Camping: This is the same as boondocking except in suburban neighborhoods, parking lots etc. Typically, you would do this for only 1 night and quietly pull into an area to park. You'd want to appear as if no one is there. I don't use curtains to cover my windows and instead put up reflectix in the windows so that it looks like I am just keeping my rig cool/warm from the outside elements. I try to park next to a fence or empty lot (especially for the passenger side). I also usually pull in after dark and leave at sunup.  Never park in the same place twice. Never park where it is posted No Overnight Parking! Also it is a good idea to do a Google Search for city ordinances that specifically state no RV parking or overnight parking.

Generator:This is an alternate power source for running your air conditioner, microwave or any other item that uses a lot of energy. It can be run while driving or while stationary. There are usually rules as to when you can run your generator in a campground or public area as they are noisy. Please adhere to running it in a neighborhood or parking lot during daylight hours only and never early in the morning.

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