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Get rid of mosquitoes FAST!
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I personally use this product and love it. I absolutely hate using spray and this little fan does the trick. I was in upstate NY when the mosquitoes were thick. This little fan kept me mosquito free and I didn't get one bite. This is also a great deal. Two fan units, 6 refills and 4 AAA batteries included.

Other reviews: 
This product is amazing!! I live in the north woods of Maine. I like to sit out on our deck in the evening and enjoy the night air. I don't mind putting bug repellent on myself, but my wife hates bug spray because it's greasy and irritates her skin, so she doesn't join me outdoors because of all our mosquitoes. I decided to try Off Clip On. With the Off Clip On, there was hardly a mosquito, on a warm humid night, and my wife and I were both able to enjoy the night air and fireflies without being chased in by the bugs. She was comfortable, and I didn't need but spray myself.

We work in our 900 square foot garden in the evenings in spring and summer, and our garden just happens to sit right next to a canal. So the mosquito population is HUGE and already this spring I've been eaten alive while working in the garden. My husband will get one or two bites, but once they find a pregnant woman working at the garden, it's like my body becomes the out of control frat party with free drinks and all the mosquitoes get drunk and party. That's what it feels like anyway...
So in complete desperation I decided to try this Off! Clip on repellent, or else I'd be forced to resort to the DEET because at the rate I'm getting bitten, I WILL end up with West Nile if I can't repel these little four letter words. The Clip On is not cheap, but since using it I'm happy to report I haven't been bitten once!

I had my doubts ...but it works! I normally get devoured by the little insectoid vampiresses, but if I get a single bite while I am wearing this device, it's a surprise. The switch can be accidentally turned off a bit too easily, but otherwise I think this little thing is genius. Highly recommend!

I tried this new technology in warding off mosquitos, and found it to be very effective. I live in a country setting, and mosquitos are everywhere. I attached this unit to my waist, and within a few minutes, there were no mosquitos trying to bite me. This unit is great to use as the sun is setting and mosquitos come out for their feast.It goes to work right away, so one is not deterred from an enjoyable evening outdoors. Now I can enjoy sitting outside without having to worry about chemicals on my skin or reapplying nasty lotions or lighting awful-smelling candles. I recommend this product for safe pest control outdoors.
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
I love the Guy Fieri franchise. I am planning to visit as many of the diners as I can while I travel throughout the USA. Click on the image below to read reviews and for pricing.
Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways in the USA
This is National Geographic's Latest Edition - 2017 Click on the image above to read reviews and for pricing.
Magic Erasers are great for traveling!
I love magic erasers especially when traveling. I'm a tea drinker and they get the stains out of mugs and the sink in one wipe. They are also great for getting scuff marks off of tennis shoes and floors.  Click on the image above to read reviews and for pricing.
1000's Places to See Before You Die in the United States and Canada.

This is the latest edition. Click on the image below to read reviews and for pricing.
Italian Reverse Percolating Coffee Pot
I love this coffee pot. I love coffee!! I can make coffee wherever I am, as my rig has a propane stove inside. Whether I am plugged in or not I can have a great cup of coffee. It makes 3 demitasse size cups, but I prefer using mugs. I can get two mugs out of it using lots of milk which is the preferred way for me to drink my coffee. Click on the image below to read reviews and for pricing.
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